The Atlanta Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy was founded by ICEEFT Certified Trainer Michael Barnett, ED.S., LPC. We envision transforming the world one relationship at a time by helping people experience the power and promise of love as a universal force for deep healing within their everyday lives. Our dedicated leadership team and member volunteers work hard in support of this mission by offering training opportunities in Emotionally Focused Therapy; facilitating communication and connection among EFT trained clinicians; encouraging and supporting adherent and effective use of the EFT model; and promoting awareness of this valuable approach for creating and sustaining secure relationships among both the general public and the therapeutic community.

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Become an ACEFT member! As a member, you'll be part of our online community and will receive advance notice and discounted registration fees to ACEFT-sponsored training events, be able to attend our quarterly community meetings for free, have a detailed listing in our therapist directory - and more!

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Our Membership Committee is tasked with providing support and encouragement to EFT trained therapists. We do this by organizing community gatherings, managing the member discussion forum, maintaining the ACEFT member directory and referral network, and developing new resources for members as needed. To find out more or to volunteer, send an email to membership@eftatlanta.com

Our Special Events Committee is tasked with providing continuing education opportunities in EFT. We do this by organizing workshops and master classes on special topics in EFT. To find out more or to volunteer, send an email to specialevents@eftatlanta.com

Our Promotion and Outreach Committee is tasked with promoting interest in EFT. We do this by publicizing EFT training events, soliciting opportunities for EFT presentations, publishing the ACEFT newsletter, developing new ways to reach out to other therapists and the public, and coordinating marketing efforts with our web designer and marketing consultant. To find out more or to volunteer, send an email to outreach@eftatlanta.com


ACEFT Board of Directors


Michael Barnett, MA, Ed.S., LPC

Founder & President


J. Alan Graham, Ph.D

Vice President & Training Coordinator


Amanda Carver, LMFT

Secretary and Diversity & Inclusion Chair


Matt Hunter, LPC



Camille Scent, Ed.S., LPC

Membership Chair


Becky Wofford, LMFT

Promotions & Outreach Chair


Crystal Gillery

Special Events Chair