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Working with Addictions in EFT

Psychotherapy with couples is both multi-layered and complex, often challenging the most skilled of therapists.

In this fast-paced, technology-driven era that we live in, where true connection is often at a
premium, substance use has escalated to epidemic proportions. It is not uncommon for couple’s therapists to be confronted with the additional challenge of contending with a pernicious “third-party” that lurks within the shadows of distressed relationships: Addiction.

Although we have the superb modality, EFT, to help couples find their way to genuine, loving communion with one another,
addictions present very significant obstacles to effectively working with couples that seek our services.

In this two-day experiential training, we will explore specific, and necessary ways to tailor EFT skills and interventions in order to better address the impact that addiction has on the couple therapy process.

This interactive workshop e will create a safe environment together to use role-plays, video clip demonstrations, and didactic material for clinical discussion and personal exploration.

This 2 day Master Class is for mental health professionals that have completed an EFT Externship.

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