EFT Atlanta
Michael Barnett, LPC
Director of the Atlanta Center for EFT
Licensed EFT Couples Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer

by: Sue Johnson

A revolutionary new understanding of why and how we love, based on cutting-edge research.

by: Sue Johnson

This is a book for all couples who want to share a closer connection.


What do you do when you feel like you have tried everything to reach the one you love and still end up feeling stuck, and alone?

Do you find yourself silently bracing for that familiar conflict to rear its ugly head once again?

If so you are not alone. Sadly, most couples wait an average of six years before making that first call.

EFT can help.

EFT is a respectful, warm and scientifically proven method of helping couples resolve marital conflict. EFT has a very practical approach. It does not simply retro-fit rote communication skills and "fixes" to the deeply personal matters that couples are dealing with. Instead, EFT views relationship issues through the couple's own realities and experience. In this way, EFT gets right to the heart of the matter to help you create the lasting change that you are looking for.

EFT Atlanta provides EFT couple's therapy for couples seeking help, as well as ongoing training and consultation for therapists working with couples